MEMBERS OF COUNCIL 2021-2025 TERM: Darcy Burke;  Leah Smith; William (Bill) Goodfellow; Tyler Henke; and April Geeraert.

The positions of Mayor and Deputy Mayor are nominated and appointed by Council at the Organizational Meeting held in October every year.

Council Meetings are held the 2nd Wed. of each month in Council Chambers located in the Village Office at 7:00 p.m.

(There is no meeting in the month of August.)

If you wish to be added to the agenda please contact the Village Office.

When submitting documentation for a public Council meeting, it is important to know that the information may be made public. 

Letters from residents normally include personal information, such as name, address, phone numbers, and possibly opinions and other personal information. In deciding whether to disclose the personal information of individuals at public council or committee meetings, municipalities need to balance the dual objectives of open government and protection of privacy.

Under section 197 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), meetings of a council or a council committee must be conducted in public, except where there is authority to hold the meetings in the absence of the public. Under section 198 of the MGA, the public has a right to be present at council and committee meetings that are conducted in public. Given the public nature of council and committee meetings, an individual writing to a councillor or to the administration of a municipality may have a reasonable expectation that their correspondence, including their personal information, could be disclosed at a public council or committee meeting.

Darcy Burke, Mayor

  • Wheatland Regional Partnership
  • Wheatland Regional Corporation
  • WFCSS (Alternate)
  • Fire Committee
  • 3 Village
  • Intermunicipal Development Plan

Leah Smith, Deputy Mayor

  • Wheatland Regional Partnership
  • Rockyford Ag Society (Alternate)
  • Drumheller Solid Waste (Alternate)
  • 3 Village
  • Wheatland Housing Management Body
  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
  • Community Futures Wild Rose
  • Assessment Review Board
  • Emergency Advisory Committee (Alternate)
  • Intermunicipal Development Plan (Alternate)

 William (Bill) Goodfellow, Councillor

  • Wheatland Regional Partnership (Alternate)
  • Drumheller Solid Waste
  • WADEMSA (Alternate)
  • Fire Committee (Alternate)
  • Palliser Regional Municipal Services (Alternate)
  • Corporate Services 
  • Rockyford Community Center (Alternate)
  • Emergency Advisory Committee

  Tyler Henke, Councillor

  • Wheatland Regional Corporation (Alternate)
  • Rockyford Ag Society
  • Fire Committee
  • Marigold Library Board 
  • Intermunicipal Development Plan 
  • Rockyford Library Board
  • 3 Village (Alternate)

April Geeraert, Councillor

  • Rockyford Community Center
  • Palliser Regional Municipal Services
  • Corporate Services (Alternate)
  • Rockyford Library Board (Alternate)
  • Drumheller Solid Waste (Alternate)
  • Marigold Library Board (Alternate)
  • Community Futures Wild Rose (Alternate)


  • Fire Chief - Wayne Clyne
  • Deputy Fire Chief - Mayor Burke
  • Councillor - Councillor Henke
  • Secretary - Lori Miller